Come Home to Self

It's hard to stay present when you are feeling overwhelmed. Stress lives in our bodies, where it accumulates and makes us feel stiff, anxious and distracted. People who support others are often carry that stress with them long afterwards. 

You know the importance of self-care to balance your energy. The problem is most self-care modalities take a lot of time. 

This workshop replay includes a collection of simple, practical exercises to balance your nervous system and access your highest self in minutes.

What you'll learn

  • Breathing techniques for calm and energy

  • Introduction to Qigong movements and concepts

  • Simple exercises to help you relax and center any time

  • Practical tools to get out of your head and into your body

  • How to clear residual charges from client work

Your Instructor

Gabriel Shaw

Hello, I’m Gabriel. As a kinesiologist and clinical exercise physiologist, I’ve helped hundreds of people find freedom from pain. Over the past 20+ years I've been learning Tai Chi from some of the world's best masters. In this course, I've combined that knowledge with evidence-based mindfulness and active rehab to help you shortcut the process to dissolving pain and stress held in the body. You'll learn to move better by releasing tension and transform pain into mindful self-awareness.

Get Grounded

Calm anxiety, clear negative energy and be at your best.

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