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Ready to Unlock Your Body?

If you're struggling with pain or feeling stuck in your head, this course will bring you back home to your body. Feeling tight all the time (such as your back, shoulders, hips or knees) disrupts your confidence and interferes with participating in the activities you enjoy. It’s especially frustrating when you’ve tried a bunch of conventional therapies and only get minor, temporary results (if at all).

Your Instructor

Gabriel Shaw

Hello, I’m Gabriel. As a kinesiologist and clinical exercise physiologist, I’ve helped hundreds of people find freedom from pain. Over the past 20+ years I've been learning Tai Chi from some of the world's best masters. In this course, I've combined that knowledge with evidence-based mindfulness and active rehab to help you shortcut the process to dissolving pain and stress held in the body. You'll learn to move better by releasing tension and transform pain into mindful self-awareness.

Unwind Tightness by Dissolving Stress

Most exercise and therapeutic modalities treat the body as a simple mechanical system, ignoring the connection between intention, energy and movement. You’ve been prescribed many different stretches, without much lasting impact. That’s because stretching or strengthening on it’s own does nothing to address the root of your stiffness, tightness and pain – which is stress.

In this course, we’ll learn exercises that work by considering the whole body, including the mind. You’ll also practice moving meditation techniques to increase energy, promote relaxation and improve the effectiveness of all your other exercises by helping you to slow down, rather than stress out.

The Problem with Many Tai Chi Programs

You’ve heard about the amazing benefits of Tai Chi for mental, physical and spiritual health. But it can be a big commitment. Tai Chi classes usually focus on memorizing a bunch of complicated movements that don’t seem to target the actual reason you started in the first place – your healing! Even a Tai Chi master probably doesn't have much experience in clinical active rehab.

This Course is Different

In a few short weeks you’ll be feeling better and moving easier. We've combined the most important Tai Chi concepts with the most effective exercises in one place to target your exact needs. Using simple movements and meditations, you'll loosen your joints, improve balance and feel your energy like never before! Plus you'll have lifetime access to maintain your results.

What You'll Get:

  • 6 Flow Classes

    Follow along from anywhere on your own schedule. Get lifetime access to all classes to review whenever you want.

  • 6 Deep Dive Classes

    Deepen your learning with progressive classes building on the most important Tai Chi and rehab topics.

  • 12 Home Practice Plans

    Each week you'll be provided a sequence to practice on your own based on that week's topic.

  • Introduction to Tai Chi

    Each week includes a detailed breakdown of each topic and its importance for healing.

  • Exercises and Meditations

    Learn prescriptive exercises and listen to guided meditations to help you address common areas of pain, stiffness and stress.

What you'll be learning...

  • How to open your joints for a loose, flexible body

  • Tai Chi exercises for stronger tendons, ligaments and fascia

  • Active rehabilitation exercises to resolve pain and stiffness

  • Static and moving meditations for releasing pain and expanding awareness

  • Functional body mechanics for easy strength, stability and balance

  • How to harness your energy for a healthier body, mind and spirit

Start Your Journey

Dissolve pain and come home to your body

Course Topics

Expand the boxes to see what's covered each week

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
    • Easy Strength

    • Week #3 - Stances & Structure Intro Class

    • Week #4 - Structure & Balance Class

  4. 4
    • Elasticity vs. Flexibility

    • Week #5 - Elasticity Intro Class

    • Week #6 - Elastic Connections Class

  5. 5
    • A Mobile Spine is a Healthy Spine

    • Week #7 - Spinal Rippling Intro Class

    • Week #8 - Healthy Spine Class

  6. 6
    • Move like a Wave

    • Week #9 - Wave Movements Intro Class

    • Week #10 - Full Body Power Class

  7. 7
    • Connecting the Body, Mind & Energy

    • Week #11 - Intention and Energy Intro Class

    • Week #12 - Review, Mind & Energy Class

  8. 8
    • Advance Your Practice

Bonus material

Take advantage of these extras to smooth your progress.

  • Personal Attention

    Get your questions answers directly by Coach Gabriel.

  • Practice Tips

    Get suggestions for creating space, music for practice, how to continue your training and many more.

  • Private Community

    Access our private Facebook community to find tips, post questions and connect with like-minded practitioners.

Hear from previous students

"My chronic back pain has resolved"

Heather M

I have benefited a lot from these classes. I leave each session completely relaxed. My chronic back pain has resolved and my body awareness has increased enormously. Gabriel is an excellent teacher. He is very knowledgeable, patient and encouraging.”

"A necessary life skill for easing the mind and relieving pain"

Bob G

I discovered that Tai Chi is a necessary life skill for easing the mind and relieving body and joint pain. I especially appreciated the way Gabriel clearly provided instructions on the most subtle aspects of Tai Chi which are key to its healing powers. You will enjoy Gabriel's kind and caring coaching.

"I will continue doing this exercise everyday"

Kim L

After I finished, I had no more pain in my leg or hip. My lower back had less tension. I had more movement back in my knee. This morning, I got my shoes on with ease. I will continue doing this exercise everyday. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your class.

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Start Your Journey

Dissolve pain and come home to your body

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